Puking doesn't pay.


No, Maizie didn’t puke on my shoes. However, it’s become clear that she wasn’t sick due to the doughnut — she was sick because she caught something when she was boarded. And after throwing up on my rug yet again (this time at 4 a.m.), I decided to cut Maizie off at the pass and pen her into the kitchen, where it’s a lot easier to clean up. As evidenced by having to clean up two more times after her removal from the living room. She’s kind of like a prison inmate at this point: She’s behind bars, and her diet consists of chicken broth and water. With good behavior (i.e., a throw-up free evening), we’ll move to rice.

And in case you’re wondering, no, I’m not making a big deal out of her catching something at the boarding place. And yes, I will board her again. To me, it’s kinda like taking your kid to daycare: It’s a germ factory where some other kid is bound to wipe snot on her and give her a cold. C’est la vie.


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