Me vs. Maizie

For the past few days, Maizie has been trying my patience, rebellious-teenager style. Everything from being extremely clingy and needy to getting on the furniture — right in front of me, no less — to pooping on the floor. Maizie wants to see if I’ll cave and let her do whatever she wants. Well, there’s no way in hell THAT’S going to happen. Little does she know, I can be just as stubborn and annoying. It’s been a real test of wills, but I’m wearing her down…



2 thoughts on “Me vs. Maizie

  1. It must be a full moon or something this week because Daisy has been the *exact* same way! We chalked it up to me starting the new job on Monday and thus not being able to spend 24/7 with her like I have for the past week and a half. She paced between our bedroom and the living room endlessly on Monday night. Drove me batty! Anyway, she seems to be back to normal–for now anyway… good luck!

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