The Ginger Ninjas

Otherwise known as Murphy and Mulligan. No, I didn’t get more pets. I’m cat-sitting for my friends Barb and Fitz this weekend, which means I go to their place every day to give the cat brothers some food, some water, and some play time. I’ve taken to calling them The Ginger Ninjas because if your back is turned, and one of them wants your attention, he’ll stealthily hop up behind you so his front paws are on the back of your legs and gently “knead” you. As in, “Hi, I’m here. Love me!” Of course, I come home to Maizie — who isn’t stealthy or shy at all about wanting your attention — who takes one sniff of me and gives me this look that says, “You’re CHEATING on me!” I think she’s just faking hurt feelings so I’ll feel bad and give her treats…


Murphy loves the laser pointer!



Mulligan tries to decide which toy we should play with.