“Why do I smell wet dog?”

For those of you who don’t love Annie like I do, that’s a direct quote from Daddy Warbucks, when Annie’s dog, Sandy, escapes from his bath and goes traipsing around the mansion. And that was Maizie after I took her out in this evening’s monsoon. If there’s one thing you should know about Maizie, she’s not fond of rain. Or puddles. She’ll actually hop over puddles. She’s dainty — she may melt! So I had an interesting time trying to get her out the door. Fortunately, she did her business quickly and ran right back to the apartment. But even in the short period of time we were actually outside, she still got soaked. I toweled her off as best I could, but she was still a bit crazed — more than usual anyway. She ended up taking out her frustrations on Felix.

Poor Felix!


2 thoughts on ““Why do I smell wet dog?”

  1. I wonder if dogs smell wet people? I was just as soaked as they were by the time I got all the groceries inside.

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