Maizie’s Mortal Enemies

On our evening walk Thursday night, Maizie was — I thought — enthralled with a neighbor’s lit, polar bear Christmas decorations. Or rather, she was afraid of them. She “woof”ed and kept bouncing around, like a boxer waiting for her opponent — a fake polar bear — to strike. Then this morning, we came across a runaway shopping cart, parked randomly on our street. She did not approve of the shopping cart at all. She barked and growled and refused to go near it. I dragged her over to it so she could sniff it and see that it was completely harmless, but she still wasn’t convinced. When we left, she kept craning her neck, looking behind her, making sure the cart wasn’t following us. I found the whole thing hilarious and laughed out loud for the rest of the walk. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was insane. But really…is it wrong to laugh at your pets when they’re ridiculous?!


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