Maizie’s Nicknames

a) “Booger” or “Booger Butt”: No reason, really, it just popped out of my mouth one day, and it stuck. As in, when I get home from work and she happily greets me with Henry in her mouth, “Hey Booger Butt!”

7) “Jerkface,” pronounced “jerk-fah-SAY” (If you like/watch Scrubs, you get it): This is brought out when Maizie is being especially annoying and spastic. As in, “Hey, Jerkface, will you STOP chasing your tail around the yard so we can go inside?”

d) “Missy”: This is for when Maizie is bad doggie. And when Maizie is a bad, BAD doggie, I throw out the dreaded middle name — “Missy May.” Most often followed by something along the lines of “And THIS will love the sausage factory…” (once again, you have to love Annie). As in, “Listen here Missy May, my slippers are NOT your toys. You’re lucky I don’t ship you off to the sausage factory.”

3) “Maize,” pronounced like the corn, but I’m not really calling her the corn: This can be uttered whenever, wherever. In exasperation (“Please go lay down, Maize.”), in praise (“Good girl, Maize!”), or just because (“No, Maize, you can’t share my crackers and cheese.”)


5 thoughts on “Maizie’s Nicknames

  1. And Daisy’s…

    – Short rib (b/c she has one, literally. We can thank Dr. Sanchez for this one.)
    – Dais (similar to Maize)
    – Crazy Daisy
    – Lazy Daisy
    – Pookie

  2. hilarious…I think every dog owner has various nicknames! Cubby has several:

    -Cubby Bear

    Sometimes we worry he forgets that his real name is Cubby….

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