Christmas at Grandma’s!

Maizie’s newest acquisition: a red blanket from Great-Grandma Wong. We also brought Percy the Penguin with us, so Maizie wouldn’t get homesick.



At the starting gate...


Maizie is separated from the pack when everyone eats — she dines upstairs, the other seven dogs dine downstairs. If she finishes before everyone else, which she always does, she just waits at the gate at the top of the stairs, yearning to go back down with her pals.






Dogskin rugs anyone?


Maizie lounges with the pack in the living room, watching Christmas movies with the fam!





Bianca cuddles with her new friend


My mom got the dogs new stuffed animals and added squeakers, so everyone was happy.





Grandma got Maizie two new toys — matching ones no less! I’ve coined them Bonnie and Clyde…


Happy Holidays everyone!


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