“Very Merry Unhelpful”

…is how I describe Maizie when she’s totally in my way while I’m trying to do something — say, unpack my suitcase, put away laundry, bleed the radiators — and she’s completely happy about it. No amount of scolding, eye rolling, or “go lay down“s can deter her — she keeps sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and endlessly, delightedly wagging her tail. But I’ve figured out how to get the upper hand. When I need Maizie to stay out of my face so I can actually finish a task, I just give her a bone full of something she finds yummy, like meat or marrow. She then focuses all her attention on licking out every single drop of goodness from the bone. The best part? It takes her weeks to finish off one of ’em!

I'm way too busy with deliciousness to bother you right now...


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