Today was hygiene day, and since Maizie has been doing so well with it all, I decided to add one more element: nail clipping. Maizie hates nail clipping, no matter who does it, so it was a gamble. However, with the taste of peanut butter–flavored toothpaste in her mouth and a treat after every nail, it started off wonderfully — she was calm, she didn’t seem to mind at all. Until I cut too far on one nail. Maizie yelped, I felt awful and tried not to cry. And then I tried not to throw up when she started bleeding all over. I did what you’re supposed to do, and then made Maizie rest. But once I took her out for afternoon potty-time, it started bleeding again. I repeated Operation Fix-Her-Foot, and then I decided to nip any more bleeding in the bud and put a sock on her. It took some coaxing, but she’s now leaving it alone and sleeping peacefully. Guess when I’m going to cut her nails again? Um, maybe never?

Maizie's chic gray sock bandage


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