Hurry it up, Sister!

“Sister” is what I like to call Maizie when she needs to do something. As in, “Move it, Sister!” And today, Maizie sure wasn’t complying. It’s ridiculously cold in Chicago this Friday. Hovering in the single digits, which means the windchill is for sure worse. I had two pairs of gloves on this morning, and my fingers still began to tingle! Unfortunately, Maizie doesn’t seem to care. I just wanted her to poop and pee as quickly as possible; however, she still took her sweet time getting her business done. I tried to tell her that Andy Avalos (NBC 5 Chicago weatherman) mentioned a windchill advisory, but do you think she quickened her pace? No way.


2 thoughts on “Hurry it up, Sister!

  1. I call Daisy that, too! Often… I guess I should be happy, though, because despite her diva-like qualities, she IS very fast at doing her business on days like today.

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