Back from Sabbatical

Maizie and I both took a little vacation: I went on a girls’ trip; she went to Canine Crews. She knew something was up before I left. She relentlessly followed me around (more so than usual) and kept giving me her over the shoulder/back sad-dog stare.

You're leaving me, aren't you...

However, she survived. I’m supposed to get her “report card” soon, but I think she had a good time — she even got to bring Felix. They were both  exhausted when we got home.

We're beat!


2 thoughts on “Back from Sabbatical

  1. Daisy does the exact same thing. She was totally on edge when I was packing last Thursday night, and then all over again last night when KP was packing. And even more so this morning when I dropped her off at day care! “Are you guys leaving me here again??” Poor little gal…

  2. Cubby’s friend is called Steve. its a stuffed yellow lab with a red scarf, so its basically a toy version of himself…

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