All New up in Here

It’s been almost 2 years that Maizie has had her green fleece bed. It was basically a huge homemade pillow, which was great at first — all fluffy and soft — but as time wore on, it started to lose its shape after being washed, and the fleece collected every single piece of fuzz it came in contact with. And when you have a black dog that sheds like crazy, you end up with a large, very hairy, black pile of fabric. Ew. So I treated Maizie to a posh new bed with fancy stuffing, Scent-Lok odor control, and a removable cover and liner for easy washing. In a pretty color, of course.

Yes, I think this will do...

I also got some X-Mats for the couch. Maizie is not allowed on the furniture (see aforementioned “large, very hairy, black pile of fabric”), and to keep her off, I have tried all kinds of barricades: pillows (don’t work), TV trays (annoying to drag out more than one), and most recently, the ironing board (unwieldy as hell). The X-Mats work like a charm: light, easy to store, and they work!

Puppy paws and butts sure won't like these!

It looks like both Maizie and I win this week!


2 thoughts on “All New up in Here

  1. I didn’t even know what an X Mat was so I had to Google it. And I found ’em on Amazon. Sheesh, Em–harsh! But this is the funniest part–a comment from someone who bought them: “Maybe for a cat but my 25lbs. dog barely notices it there. It served better as a chew toy than a deterent. Useless.” I think that’s probably what Daisy would do…

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