Maizie Has Met Her Match

And his name’s Luigi. He’s a big French bulldog that we’ve seen being walked around the neighborhood. The first time he and Maizie met, they pounced and played — his owner told me that other dogs either love him or hate him because he’s pretty spazzy and just wants to play non-stop. I was elated: Maizie’s not the only one! We saw Luigi again this morning, and he was in play overdrive. Maizie took it at first, and then she decided she wasn’t really into it — but that did NOT stop Luigi. He chased her, pouncing, until she ran and hid behind me. He kept at her. Finally, she got her bark and growl on. Luigi was still not deterred. His owner finally had to drag him in the opposite direction. When he was gone, Maizie gave me this “What in the hell…?” look. Ha, Missy — now you know how everyone else feels around YOU.


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