And She’s at It Again

Throwing up that is. I had had about enough of cleaning up the carpet, and I was getting a bit worried, so I took Maizie to the vet this weekend. Not able to find anything obviously wrong, the doctor suggested x-rays to see if perhaps her esophagus was blocked somewhere, making it hard to get food through. We checked out the x-rays, and instead of a blocked esophagus, we saw that Maizie’s stomach is straight up and down rather than diagonal along her ribs, meaning she has  smaller than average liver. (We also saw a BB, which is a story for another time.) It could be nothing. Or it could be a sign of some sort of disease. So the doctor drew blood for some tests and said he’d email me the results, and we’d talk in a few days. So I did what any other parent would do: freaked out and called my mom.

We tossed around some ideas, and then my mom had an epiphany–if Maizie’s stomach is so horizontal, perhaps her food isn’t sliding down as it should. So when she eats and then lies down, it all just sits there. And much like acid reflux–it comes back up. So we came up with a new feeding-time regimen: 1) I feed Maizie before I take her out, 2) I make her sit for a few minutes right after eating (perhaps I should take this time for hygiene-related things, like brushing her teeth or coat–we’ll see), and 3) a nice leisurely walk. I also elevated her food dish so she isn’t bending down to eat. I’ve been doing that the past couple feedings, and (knock on wood) so far, so good. Now we’ll just continue this new routine until I hear from the doctor. Keep your fingers crossed for us!



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