Ruling the Roost

So you’re wondering, “Is mom or Maizie the one ruling?” Well, the answer is that we’re transitioning from Maizie to mom. We’ve been silent for the past few weeks because, with the help of a very knowledgeable trainer (Chicago Dog Coach Ami Moore), Maizie and I have been working very hard on getting the alpha out of her and into me. I always thought I was the boss, but I think it was actually more 50/50 as Ami pointed out some of Maizie’s alpha behavior: running ahead of me out of doors and down steps, refusing to listen when I try to get her to stop pouncing on people. So, we’re working on one thing at a time. It’s taken a lot of patience and tearing out of hair (me tearing my own out), but Maizie seems to be getting the hang of it. Slowly. Veeerry slowly.


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