Trick or Treat!

I don’t remember many kids out in my neighborhood for Halloween last year. Then again, I might have been out trick-or-treating myself (I vaguely recall clown costumes and a party trolley…) and missed them. But tonight, it was crawling with kids in costumes. And what better way to test Maizie’s training (very expensive training, might I add) then to stick her in the middle of the things that make her craziest: Dogs, people, and KIDS. Lots and lots of kids. I marched her all around the block, straight into the middle of large groups of people waiting for their kids at the bottom of steps, through hoards of kids running up and down the street, and past dressed up dogs. She faltered a bit here and there, but all in all, I almost didn’t recognize her. She waited patiently while a mom, a dog, and a little Luigi passed by, and didn’t really bat an eye when little Luigi came up for a closer look at her. She also got tired of playing with her bestest friend in the whole wide world, Madison, a chocolate lab from a few doors down, and sat down beside me and tried to ignore Madison as Madison continued to jump on her. (This could be, though, because Madison was very unlike herself–she was dressed in some sort of corseted outfit.)

I’m pretty sure the best part of the evening, though, was that Maizie got to trick or treat too! A woman on the block over was handing out dog treats. Maizie had been such a good little goblin, she got two.

Happy Halloween everyone!