A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

The Phone Call about her kid…
My dogwalker and her husband bought 7 acres of land in Indiana, and they’re starting a service where they pick up your pup and take her out there all day to run, romp, and play with a group of their other charges. I signed Maizie up for a free first visit for Tuesday. Tuesday evening, on the way home from work, I get a voicemail from the dogwalker, “Hi Emily, it’s Sara, I’m really sorry, but…,” and I immediately start panicking. Maizie ran off in the woods, never to be seen again. Some random scary animal attacked her. She got shot by a hunter (no, I have no idea if anyone hunts in the Indiana wilderness, or if it’s even hunting season). Thank goodness, it was just to tell me that they weren’t able to go because of the weather, and they were rescheduling the trip for Thursday. I’ve never been so relieved. Or so irritated that I freaked out like a total mom…


One thought on “A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

  1. That is why you always start the phonecall with “Everything’s ok! But…” Welcome to the heartstopping world of parenting.

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