She’s at It Again

Guess who’s been sleeping with my shoes again? And this time, Maizie didn’t just get bored, see them on the floor near her bed, and decide to make them hers. She actually went to the kitchen and got them from the shoe mat by the kitchen door. And yes, there were teeth marks. I’m guessing Maizie’s a bit peeved at me because I really haven’t been home after work all week. I’d say she misses me, so she wanted to hang out with something of mine. But I highly doubt that’s the case. I think it’s more like, “I’ll show HER for not being around!” And she could’ve pulled my magazines off the footstool or my lotion or chapstick off the endtable. But no, Maizie chose, what most of you know are my most prized possessions, my shoes. Smart little pistol, isn’t she? Good thing she didn’t choose my Pumas, or this story would’ve had a whole different ending…


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