“I do believe in spooks!”

Maizie does many things that unnerve me. Sitting by the side of my bed and staring at me when I’m sick. Sitting on her bed and staring at me when I’m watching TV on the couch. Staring into the bookcase:

What should I read today?

But her latest freak-mom-out action is to “woof” at things…that are invisible. She was lounging on the footstool the other day, when she popped up, stared into the kitchen, and started woofing. Nothing there–not even a bug. The next night, she stepped it up a notch. On our last walk of the day, she kept craning her neck to look behind us. I stopped, expecting to see a rabbit–nope, nothing. We started walking again, and she escalated to craning her neck and woofing. I’m not one for superstition or hauntings or the supernatural. But at that point, I kinda felt like the cowardly lion and wanted to run, rather than walk, back to my apartment…


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