Day 1: We Can Have Lots of Fun

Sunday night, Maizie and I brought home Gatsby, a 12-week-old, pure-bred shih tzu. The little guy had an eye problem that resulted in his left eye being removed (I’m sparing you the gory details–you’re welcome). Meaning, he’s “damaged goods,” and the breeder was just going to put him down. He’s waaaay too cute for that, so my mom rescued him, but as she has five greyhounds that are more than happy to eat little furry things for dinner, it wasn’t a good idea for him to stick around at her house. So Maizie and I are giving him a trial run. Or rather, he’s giving me a trial run–to see if I can handle two dogs, not to mention one of them being a puppy. Monday’s hurdle: a grooming appointment and a trip to Petco for a collar. He is now all set to be a city dog. I also haven’t stepped on him, he hasn’t crapped on my favorite rug (just the one Maizie has already thrown up on, so it’s fine), and Maizie hasn’t beaten the heck out of him for constantly biting her tail and feet. Which means we’re doing ok so far. Then again, it’s only been a couple days…




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