Gatsby Gets Microchipped

Every few months, the VIP mobile pet clinic comes to the Pet Supplies Plus near me, offering discounted rates on vaccines, tests, and microchipping. On Sunday, Gatsby and I headed over to get him microchipped. Even though we had a bit of a wait, he was extremely well-behaved. He politely listened to a spiel about new dog food from a saleswoman, he played nicely with two 13-week-old Great Dane puppies even though their idea of playing was to bat him in the face with their huge paws, and he refrained from taking any of the toys off of the low shelves. Needless to say, he did not enjoy the actual microchipping, but he managed to make it out alive.  Gatsby is now microchipped and ready to get lost and then found again. And as a reward for his good behavior, he got a bag of mini Busy Bones – one of his favorites!

Gettin' busy with the Busy Bone...

Gettin’ busy with the Busy Bone…


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