Even the Great Gatsby

Is a bit of a sneak…

Ever since I’ve had him – a whopping 11 months – Gatsby has refused to go down stairs. Typically, he lies down at the top of them and waits for me to pick him up and carry him down. I assumed his depth perception is a little off due to only having one eye, and he’s just not comfortable with it. Which is understandable, right? Well, imagine my surprise and elation when, one day, he started down the stairs all on his own! I was so proud.

And then I started thinking about it… Gatsby gets walked every Wednesday by Ron from Raise the Woof! I never told Ron about Gatsby’s fear of going down stairs. Inevitably, Ron would just wait for Gatsby to go down on his own. Ron has been walking Gatsby for the past two months. I have still been carrying Gatsby down the stairs…for the past two months. So essentially, Gatsby has bee enjoying being carried down the stairs by me when he really doesn’t need to, and finally just got impatient waiting for me to pick him up.

Boy is my face red…


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