Snow Doggie

Gatsby and I awoke to snow – a lot more snow. And more still falling. So we strapped on our boots and headed out!

Gatsby’s brand new boots from Etsy shop DogsWearBone arrived a couple days ago, and I’m pleased as punch to no longer have snow balls thawing all over my apartment. Gatsby isn’t so sure he likes them. He stood like this, unmoving, for the amount of time it took me to bundle up.

Boots? Boots!

These boots are made for…standing.

However, once we got outside, and Gatsby was up to his belly in snow, I think he appreciated them.

Ok, ok, you were right. My feet are dry.

Ok, ok, you were right. My feet are dry.


One thought on “Snow Doggie

  1. I’m glad he left them on. I put the coats on the girls and they ran and ran around the yard like nuts.
    They came in because their feet were cold, but I’m not putting on 20 booties!

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