What’s for dinner?



Happy Halloween!

When my brothers and I were kids, and we’d ask our mom what was for dinner, sometimes she’d say, “Whatever falls out of the refrigerator.” That’s the approach I took for Gatsby’s Halloween costume this year: if it’s lying around the apartment and can double as a costume, that’s what he’s going to be.

Thus, I give you Gatsby the Great Bag of Dog Food!




Happy Halloween everyone!


Recently, I took a few days off of work just to decompress and do things around the city. Gatsby was thrilled that I was around a lot more, of course. One night, I grilled out and drank wine on my little deck. When He wasn’t being scolded for sniffing the grill, Gatsby would find a place to lie down and actually relax. We’re both now rejuvenated!


A Christmasy Time Had by All

We’ve made it back to the Windy City, with lots of lovely Christmas gifts and memories.

Thank you to our family (Mom, Kris, and Eric especially) for all the fun and goodies! We love you!

The Dynamic Duo's Christmas stocking from mom

The Dynamic Duo’s Christmas stocking from mom

Gatsby's First Christmas presents

Gatsby’s First Christmas presents

Gatsby and Maizie enjoying Christmas gifts

Gatsby and Maizie enjoying Christmas gifts