Happy Easter!

Gatsby doesn’t really like his Easter bow. But he totally gave up and accepted it.


For good apparently. 




Yes, it’s 4 a.m. Yes, my first day of a contract job is technically today. And yes, this is when Gatsby decides to have paw problems.

After we went to bed, Gatsby was extremely restless. He would get up, go into the living room, and then I’d hear scraping sounds. I got up to yell at him to knock it off, only to discover he was rubbing his paw on the ground repeatedly. Apparently, he had stepped in mud on our nightly walk, and the mud dried in the cracks of his pads, irritating his paw. Every time I tried to touch it, he cried and got squirmy. And then I cried and felt terrible.

After holding him for a bit, I manned up, soaked his paw in warm water, and picked every last bit of mud out of his pad. Gave him one of grandma’s Grey Girl Farms treats (his favorite) as an “I’m sorry,” and now, an hour later, he’s all tucked in comfortably.

And I have to get up in 4 hours. Sigh.


Toto He’s Not

I’ve always wanted to bike Gatsby around, much like Almira Gulch did with Toto.


I bought a bag/basket just for this purpose. Well, the day finally came to try it out. My friends Kara and Josh invited Gatsby and me over to hang out, so I loaded him up, and off we went. Almost.

Gatsby hated the bag and wouldn’t sit down in it. He ended up jumping out – fortunately, we hadn’t started biking yet. So I put him in the milk crate in the back instead. He didn’t like that either, and spent the whole ride there standing up, and when we encountered traffic, he freaked out and put his paws on my back. Which scared me. It was an unpleasant experience all the way around. Kara captured our arrival, despite Gatsby desperately trying to get out of the crate since we had finally stopped. Needless to say, never again.