Just Esme and Me…

G and Esme


And He’s Off!

Can’t be March (or April) in Chicago without a little (6 inches) snow! Gatsby is the only one I know enjoying it.

Gatsby Goes to the Park…AGAIN

But this time, he got to be off-leash. He met a couple dogs who were dying to play, and if they stay on-leash, it just turns into a tangle. He really enjoyed himself, and I was nice enough to let him remain off-leash even after playtime was over.


Park 2

Park 3


Gatsby Gives Chase


Bag o’ Balls

Gatsby’s very first Christmas present: a bag of mini tennis balls, courtesy of Barbie and Fitz. Thanks guys!

Bag o' Balls


The Witching Hour

According to dog trainer Jolanta Benal (CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA) from QuickandDirtyTips.com, your dog’s “witching hour” is that time of evening when “he starts bouncing around the house, barking, jumping, looking for things to do.”

Gatsby definitely has a witching hour. And it usually involves racing around the entire apartment a few times and then having a wrestling match with his bed and blankets. On this particular night, the bed won.

the bed wins!


Want to learn how to control your dog’s witching hour? Check out Jolanta Benal’s article here.



Two Bones Are Better Than One

One for me, and one for...me!

One for me, and one for…me!